Reboot America's favorite valentine candy, Sweethearts. While many moms remain nostalgic about the brand, they aren't introducing their kids to the brand and often confuse imposters with the original. Capitalize on Sweethearts lasting leadership equity to help the brand infiltrate today's culture.

Its not what the Sweetheart says or how it tastes, its a communication platform for sharing what you really mean.

Bring your feelings to life.

The result was a program that let Twitter users turn their tweets into a one pound bag of custom Sweethearts. This was one of the first Twitter e-commerce campaigns and was named by Twitter as one of the best campaigns of the year. All this with no paid advertising support.


One Show - Interactive Merit Award - Best use of a Social Network

Shorty Awards
Short List - Best use of social media in real life
Short List - Twitter Campaign
Short List - Food & Beverage