Gatorade is a brand with an incredibly well-defined market position, yet was expanding its mission to include nutrition. It needed to protect its core equities while growing into new territories. We developed a strategic framework and illuminated high-potential platforms that fit with the essence of Gatorade but allowed the brand to stretch to play in the world of nourishment and nutrition.

We conducted an ideation session with leading experts, athletes and a cross-functional client team to turn the strategy into ideas. Post-ideation, we used consumer workshops to develop fully realized product concepts with packaging design and functional RTB’s.

We found the benefits of nutrition fell into 3 categories:
Performance, Vitality and Health & Wellness. Consumers’ engagement with nutrition depended on their motivations for activity and health, not the brand’s established segmentation.

Gatorade and Propel’s core equities uniquely deliver nutritional benefits in support of active lifestyles. We sought to bring together the worlds of Activity & Health and Wellness, previously seen as separate categories. This was a differentiated nutritional solve unique to the marketplace.

We delivered solutions grounded in science and core equities that had the ability to extend beyond the niche nutritional world to a more mass and real scale of the everyday consumer. Several concepts were developed and one, G2, reached the consumer market.