In 2008 an unprecedented financial crisis struck the world, with the Occupy Wall Street movement emergnig as symbolic figurehead to an undercurrent of public distrust in financial institutions. With several housing and lending scandals lingering, Bank of America entered a public reputation freefall, becoming the posterchild for too big to fail banks. People trusted technology (and banks' online products) more than banks themselves, citing a lack of humanity and integrity.

The change in the value of trust led us to a see a fundamental shift away from the institutional era of business. Humans now intrinsically valued a sense of personal connectedness above corporations, with products and services that help us to share things because it makes life easier to do the things we are already inclined to do. We called this the Human Era

As human beings, we have a fundamental need for connection with others. The need to connect is so deeply within us that simply seeing connections makes us feel connected.

Llfe's better when we're connected


ARF David Ogilvy Research award 2014